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We are proud to be the world’s first CarbonNeutral® tea company! That means we’ve reduced our net carbon emissions to zero.

From minimizing energy usage in our factories to planting trees that absorb carbon dioxide, we strive to minimize our impact on our planet.
Hiniduma Bio-link Project

The Hiniduma rainforest, in southwest Sri Lanka, is one of the country’s last virgin rainforests. As one of the leaders of the Hiniduma Bio-link Project, which aims to strengthen Sri Lankan biodiversity, we have planted over 90 species of trees in an area encompassing more than 10ha. of rainforest – with a goal of eventually expanding to 20,000ha.

Not only will this improve biodiversity, it will help up to 1,500 farming families, who might have otherwise encroached on these pristine ecosystems.


In addition to earning CarbonNeutral® status, we have been audited and certified by the world’s most respected standards organisations, making our teas sustainable, dependable, and of the highest quality!

For example, we are ISO 14001-certified, meaning that our operations are optimised to conserve limited resources, such as water and electricity.